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A people's soul is revealed in fleeting moments that are often missed by the naked eye. A photographer lives to capture these special moments. This is why the photography is more than just pictures. It captures a people's essence. Evans Photography is bent on capturing these moments with our packages and products.
We offer a number of packages for indoor or outdoor photo sessions. Our packages start at $169. We also offer corporate and small business packages. Contact the studio for more information.

Headshot Photo session

The most common questions we get asked, particularly from people who have not had a professional business portrait done before, are: "What am I going to do in your studio for a whole hour?", and: "I only need a couple of photos, surely this can be done in ten minutes?".

Here, we will attempt to outline the entire process of creating a great headshot. What we aim to achieve in our sessions is not something that is merely average, but rather a set of outstanding shots that will depict you and your business in the best possible light.

Of course, the majority of people feel anxious, when they sit under the bright studio lights for the first time. Your body language will betray your insecurity and, despite your best efforts to look confident and at ease, the camera never lies. People often become even more self conscious, when they see the first ten or twenty photos. Most people don't like looking at themselves on film, and this can make it difficult for them to relax. There's no need to fret though, because help is at hand! We will coach and encourage you through the whole session. Our cameras are linked to computers constantly, so once twenty or thirty shots have been taken, you can assess the photos with the photographer to monitor progress, and alter the strategy if necessary. It takes a lot of concerted effort from both parties to achieve the perfect portrait.

To look great on camera, professional actors spend hours practicing in front of a mirror. Unfortunately, we need to get results quicker than this, so we can give customers a crash course on acting when required. This is always enjoyable, and you might even pick up a few tips about how to look your best when you next have a camera pointed at you. Normally, based on the package you purchase, we take between 100 and 300 photos. Throughout the session, you will keep track of all the best quality shots with the photographer. Once the session is over, the photographer will re-examine these and email you a link to a password protected gallery featuring the best thirty shots. Then, you can look at these in your own time and decide which photos you want to use. This is never a dull process! The photos you choose will be earmarked for retouching. So, now it's time to shed some light on what retouching involves.

Before Makeup
After Makeup

Make up for men and women!

Is important to look as good as possible and give an impression of health and symmetry of your face.

Foundation is a beauty product that can help disguise problem areas.It wills even your skin tone and the studio light reflects better.Correcting a under eye circles or blemishes with concealers will make your eyes bright and alert.Applying an Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara will give a real focus on the eyes in the photo.

Make up can be applied for as quickly as 30 min and is completely removable.Our makeup artist is offering this service for men and women. With the high definition camera, make up is a must!

Ask us for more information!

Before the retouch
After the retouch


So, now it's time to shed some light on what retouching involves.

The aim of retouching is to remove any facial blemishes, such as dark rings under the eyes, wrinkles, spots, unsightly hairs, discolored teeth and scars. The skin is made to look smooth by airbrushing away any grease, face shine or sweat. Contour shading and shadowing is used to bring the face into focus. This takes time and expertise and is carried out by a separate company.

We include our basic retouching service in the price, however if you require something extra this can be done for an additional fee. Further retouching includes, but is not restricted to, digital plastic surgery of all types, facelifts, makeup adjustments and digital hairdressing, etc.

PLEASE NOTE Any makeup adjustments you require will be done free of charge, if you use the professional makeup artist at our studio to do your makeup.