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Studio services

Studio services

A people's soul is revealed in fleeting moments that are often missed by the naked eye. A photographer lives to capture these special moments. This is why the photography is more than just pictures. It captures a people's essence. Evans Photography is bent on capturing these moments with our packages and products.

We offer a number of packages for indoor or outdoor photo sessions. Our packages start at $199. We also offer corporate and small business packages. Contact the studio for more information.

Evans Photography's Products

Gyglee Fine Art Prints

We use archival acid-free papers, which is perhaps the best fine art printing paper available. This kind of printing paper is meant to last a lifetime with proper care. The quality is incomparable.

Fine Art Canvases

A canvas is a simple and loving way to present yourself ,your kits or your family to the world. Please let us know that you are thinking of ordering a canvas before the shoot so that we can take canvas-focused stills. Our canvases are acid-free and lignin-free. The material comes with Wide Color Gamut and High Dmax, which ensures your print has the best lighting. Evans Photography's provides lamination to protect the canvas print against water, fingerprints, and even UV light.

Portfolio Box with Prints

The portfolio box is a new alternative to traditional albums. All boxes are custom and handmade. All the photos are individually mounted with acid Free Mats. The prints are printed on archival acid-free papers, which is perhaps the best fine art printing paper available. This kind of printing paper is meant to last a lifetime with proper care. The custom boxes combine quality and beauty.

Legacy Album

Noble and plain-This album is the higher prestige range of Digital Inkjet Albums with cushioned soft feel album in black leather with a stylish red pipeline stitch around the edges of the cover.The leather of the cover is discreetly grained and the back cover is embellished with a debossed rooster.
It come supplied with 2 sheets of interleaf and book-end paper for protection of your printed images. Also included are two sets of expansion screws-a pair of 20 mm and 30 mm length and could contained up to 40 pages.This enables you to individually adjust the number of pages in your personal album.
The paper is the acclaimed Photo RagĀ® Satin 310 gsm and every page come with interleaf sheet for protection.Photo RagĀ® Satin bestows fine art reproductions and photographs and make this paper very versatile and is ideal for black and white and color photographs with impressive pictoral depth.

Flush Mount Albums

The mount album is one of our most popular items. We spend a lot of time making this album worth the trouble; for example, it is professional grade and custom-made to your specifics. It is the most effective way to preserve your favorite photographs.

Metal Prints

The color on metal prints is quite exquisite, with optimal definition. The reason this is possible deals with the glossy surface, making this a luxurious option. In essence, you will receive a print that is glossy and palpable.

In-House Printing

One thing that needs to be highlighted is our In-House printing practice.We want you to be pleased with our work and feel at peace with the final product , that's why we print every piece ourselves. This the only way to ensure that your art piece will be crafted to perfection.The print is the final product of the entire process and photographers who use external printing services have no control over it.

We use only Fine Art archival papers that are meant to last a lifetime and capture color like no other material.These prints are exceptionally detailed. The paper used is buffered and acid-free, which ensures noticeable color gamut and high D-Max.

In essence, you can expect museum-grade image printing from our team because we feel our customers deserve this.


Makeup for women and men !

Is important to look as good as possible and give an impression of health and symmetry of your face.

Foundation is a beauty product that can help disguise problem areas.It wills even your skin tone and the studio light reflects better.Correcting a under eye circles or blemishes with concealers will make your eyes bright and alert.Applying an Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara will give a real focus on the eyes in the photo.

Make up can be applied for as quickly as 30 min and is completely removable.Our makeup artist is offering this service for men and women. With the high definition camera, make up is a must!

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