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Why buy a print?

Why buy a print?

Printed Images Are Truly Everlasting

People are innately attracted to photography. Captured images can mean the world to a person, which is something Evans Photography has learned through years of experience. Understanding the value of a still and the true purpose of a printed portrait will show you why you should consider us for your photography needs.

Why is Photography Important?

The photographers behind Evans Photography started the studio because of there love for the photography.

They also started this studio because There understand the connection between family, kids and pets. Yes, your brain cells react positively when you see your family.

This is the connection a photographer is seeking to establish; it does take some time, but it is definitely worth it.

We spare no expense and use technology that is used by the most advanced photographers. This allows us to capture several images and movements that the naked eye might not catch.

We offer clients several options by the time our session is done, and you will surely find many images that capture the soul of your family.

Print Vs Digital

A digital photograph can last for some time, and they are easily accessible. Of course, you may have to transfer these pictures from one digital storage software to the next to ensure longevity.

A printed photograph requires some care, but Evans Photography ensures that each portrait is printed on art-grade paper, which ensures longevity and remarkable detail. Keep in mind that studies show that the brain connects better to physical printed photographs, which can improve mood naturally.

Of course, another thing to note is that a printed photograph can be much larger than a digital screen. The size of a portrait can change the relationship you have with it. It might make it easier to think of your beloved kids and praise there inherent beaty.

We have noticed that digital photographs, no matter how beautiful, are easily forgotten. You take the picture and post it online or share it among friends, but that is usually the end of the picture. For some reason, you simply do not connect to the image easily.

This is not the case with printed portraits. The natural image, colors, and details of each canvas seem to make our portraits unforgettable. The reason a printed portrait has a different effect could deal with the way light reflects off of the portrait.

You should understand that a printed photograph is rooted in dark colors. This is important because it highlights color much better than a digital screen, which bases its images on light. The difference is that a portrait will give off a deep, rich image while a digital image will not.

The details of photography are not widely known. It is possible that most people do not even know the difference between the way an image is displayed on a computer screen versus print, but the difference is subconsciously acknowledged. A digital image will have a phony look upon close observation, but our portraits are going to have a sense of reality that no other medium can capture.

Keep in mind that we also make sure each image is artistically captured and that it matches your family's uniqueness. Not only will you get quality photos, but you are also getting everlasting beauty if you trust Evans Photography with your photography needs.